We are a small, independent group of volunteers who facilitate free, monthly talksĀ for the general public
on a broad range of contemporary issues.

The founding committee members were Peter Brennan, Peter Brooks, Aloma Fennell, Cathie Livingstone,
Colin Maltman, Keith McIlroy & Garf Stoneberg.

The active committee members are Peter Brooks, Aloma Fennell, Kim Miller, Joe Nagy & Garf Stoneberg.


Our objectives are to learn more about today’s issues, to promote political discussion and to have fun!
We welcome attendees from all areas, ages, walks of life and political beliefs.


Each event features informative lectures from two or three experts versed in the topic of the day.
Whenever possible, we try to find speakers who can offer different perspectives on any given topic.


Events usually fall on the second Saturday of the month (with a pause over the Xmas period resuming in February).

The talks start at noon and last for approximately one hour,
followed by an hour of questions from the audience.

Northside Forum EventVENUE

Those who wish to continue with the discussion after the formal proceedings end at 2pm
are welcome to join us downstairs in Le Bistro for an appetising lunch and a drink with the speakers.

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