Forum 13: Feminism

Sexism in Australia

March 2, 2013

Forum Speakers: Jenna Price, Hannah Gissane & Dr Meredith Burgmann


Jenna Price

  • Spokesperson for ‘Destroy the Joint‘, an online community of men & women against misogyny.
  • Feminist, wife & mother of three with a 33 year career in journalism.
  • Columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald & the Canberra Times.
  • Journalism & social media academic at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Dr Meredith Burgmann

  • Former Labor President of the NSW Legislative Council.
  • Founder & host of the annual Ernie Awards, dedicated to highlighting sexism & misogyny in Australia.
  • Co-author of ‘1000 Terrible Things Australian Men Have Said About Women’.
  • Former Senior Lecturer in Politics at Macquarie University.

Hannah Gissane (View Slide Presentation)

  • Project Coordinator at the Equality Rights Alliance.
  • Member of the organising collective for the Network of Women Students Australia Conference 2010.
  • Stand-up comedian and organiser of queer and women’s comedy events.
  • Former Councillor for the City of Lake Macquarie.

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