Forum 14: Multiculturalism & Identity

Multiculturalism & the Australian Identity

April 13, 2013

Forum Speakers: Prof. Jock Collins (PhD), Prof. Stephen Castles (D.Phil) & Assoc Prof. Catriona Elder (PhD)


Assoc. Professor Catriona Elder (PhD) (View Slide Presentation on the Australian Identity)

  • Department of Sociology & Social Policy, University of Sydney.
  • Research focus on 20th & 21st century Australian cultural identity & nationalism.
  • Author of ‘Being Australian: Narratives of National Identity’,
    Co-author of ‘New Voices, New Visions: Challenging Australian Identities & Legacies’.

Professor Stephen Castles (D.Phil) (View Slide Presentation on Immigration & Multiculturalism)

  • Sociologist & Political Economist  |  Research Chair in Sociology, University of Sydney.
  • Former Director, International Migration Institute, University of Oxford.
  • Prolific author / co-author of titles such as ‘The Age of Migration’, ‘Immigration & Australia: Myths & Realities’ and ‘Mistaken Identity: Multiculturalism & the Demise of Nationalism in Australia’.

Professor Jock Collins (PhD) (View Slide Presentation on Rethinking Multiculturalism & Identity)

  • Professor of Social Economics, UTS  |  Co-Director, Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Centre.
  • Research focus on the interdisciplinary study of immigration, multiculturalism, the economy & society.
  • Prolific author / co-author of titles such as ‘Sydney’s Cronulla Riots: The Context & Implications’, ‘Ethnic Crime & Cultural Diversity’ and ‘Bin Laden in the Suburbs: Criminalizing the Arab Other’.

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