Forum 16: Health & Ageing

The High Cost of Living Longer

June 1, 2013

Forum 15 Speakers

Forum Speakers: Philip Wright, Claudia Virdun & Vicki Murphy

Rapid medical developments are extending our life expectancy, but at what cost?
How much should society pay to prolong our lives?
Morality, economics, taxation and basic human rights are all interwoven in this most complex area.
Let our experts enlighten you, then join them and us for lunch afterwards.


Vicki Murphy (View Slide Presentation on the Cost of Health)

  • Senior Policy Advisor to HealthDirect Australia, a government funded entity which aims to improve access to health information.
  • Former Assistant Secretary for the Department of Health and Aging.

Claudia Virdun (View Slide Presentation on Palliative Care)

  • Lecturer, Faculty of Health, University of Technology, Sydney.
  • 13 years experience as clinical / project manager in palliative care.
  • Ran the National Standards Assessment Program for Palliative Care Australia.

Philip Wright (View Ethicall slide)

  • Consultant, facilitator, accredited educator & counsellor at the St James Ethics Centre.
  • Extensive experience advising on ethics, governance & leadership to government & health sectors.
  • Psychoanalytically oriented Psychotherapist in private practice for individuals, groups & organisations.


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