Forum 18: The Australian Senate

A Peek Under the Toga

August 3, 2013

Kellie Tranter, Peter Mailler, Cate Faehrmann, Matt Adamson, John Hatzistergos

Kellie Tranter from the Wikileaks Party, Peter Mailler from Katter’s Australian Party, Cate Faehrmann from the Australian Greens, Matt Adamson from the Palmer United Party, & Barrister John Hatzistergos

Introductory talk on the role of the Senate

John Hatzistergos

  • Former NSW Attorney General and former Minister for Justice & Health.
  • Adjunct Professor of Australian Constitutional Law at UTS & a Barrister in private practice.

Q&A Senate Panel (In alphabetical order)

Matt Adamson

Cate Faehrmann

Peter Mailler

Kellie Tranter

The Liberal & Labor parties were also invited to speak at this event
but unfortunately declined to send representatives.


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