Forum 22: Corporate Power

The New Monarchy?

February 1, 2014

Forum Speakers: Dr Patricia Ranald & Professor Christopher Wright

Forum Speakers: Dr Patricia Ranald & Professor Christopher Wright


Dr Patricia Ranald (View Slide Presentation)

  • PhD in Politics & International Relations, UNSW.   |   Research Associate at the University of Sydney.
  • Published widely on the social impacts of globalisation and trade agreements.
  • Convener of the Australian Fare Trade & Investment Network (AFTINET)
  • Dr Ranald’s comparative study of the World Trade Organisation & regional trade agreements won the UNSW Humanities Research Centre Award for best doctoral thesis of 2000.

Professor Christopher Wright

  • Professor of Organisational Studies, University of Sydney.
  • Leader of the Balanced Enterprise Research Network at the University of Sydney Business School.
  • Current research explores organisational responses to anthropogenic climate change, with relation to issues of corporate citizenship and organisational justification.

 The Business Council of Australia were also invited to speak at this event but unfortunately declined to send a representative.

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