Forum 25: The Age of Entitlement

So claims our Treasurer, but for whom?

May 3, 2014

Forum25 Speakers Dr Tad Tietze, Emily Hamilton & Dr Steve Keen

Forum Speakers: Dr Tad Tietze, Emily Hamilton & Dr Steve Keen


Dr Steve Keen

  • Former Professor of Economics & Finance, University of Western Sydney.
  • Fellow at the Centre for Policy Development.
  • Author of best-selling book “Debunking Economics” + over 60 academic publications.
  • Winner of the Revere Award for his predictions on the World Financial Crisis.

Emily Hamilton

  • Policy Officer at the Australian Council of Social Service.
  • First Class Honours Degree in social work from the University of NSW
  • Extensive experience in policy analysis, research, human rights & social work.

Dr Tad Tietze (View Slide Presentation)

  • Psychiatrist & social commentator | Co-runner of the blog “Left Flank”.
  • Co-editor of “On Utøya: Anders Breivik, Right Terror, Racism & Europe”.
  • Regular contributor to Overland, Crikey & Drum Opinion.

Federal Treasurer & Local Member for North Sydney Joe Hockey was also invited to speak at this event
but unfortunately declined to send a representative.

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