Forum 46: Election Special

The 3 E’s

Education, Environment, Economy + Health

June 25, 2016



Emeritus Professor Frank Stilwell

  • Emeritus Professor in Political Economy at the University of Sydney.
  • One of the preeminent economists in the field of Political Economy in Australia.
  • Coordinating Editor of the ‘Journal of Australian Political Economy‘.
  • Author of eleven books including ‘Economic Inequality’, ‘Who Gets What?’ & ‘Reshaping Australia’
  • Co-editor of five books incl. ‘Neoliberalism: Beyond the Free Market’ & ‘Alternatives to Economic Rationalism’.

Dr. Mark Diesendorf

  • Associate Professor in Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies at UNSW Australia.
  •  Principal Research Scientist in CSIRO (former)
  • Professor of Environmental Science and Founding Director of the Institute for Sustainable Futures at University of Technology Sydney (former)

Maurie Mulheron

  • President NSW Teachers’ Federation

Dr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans


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