Forum 52: The Great Tax Rort

The Great Tax Rort

Businesses, high net worth individuals and Multi–nationals avoiding or evading paying their fair share of tax? What can be done about it?



Saturday March 11, 2017 (12pm – 2pm)


Matthew Shanahan 

  • Matthew, a lawyer, accountant and notary, is a Partner in the tax division of Deloitte in Sydney.
  • Matthew has over 17 years’ experience in providing Australian tax advice, gained in international accounting and law firms, his own firm, and his time working with a leading infrastructure advisory team at an international investment bank.
  • Matthew mainly advises large corporate clients, particularly in respect of infrastructure transactions, M&A transactions, capital management, funds management, banking transactions and tax disputes.

Paul Zahara 

  • Paul is a structured finance specialist with over 35 years experience in banking and finance.  He has been a director of funds management companies, merchant banks, and corporate advisory firms.
  • Paul has worked in over 10 countries with clients like the Asian Development Bank, most Australian banks and many South-East Asian banks, primarily concentrating on risk in project and property finance portfolios.
  • He also teaches part time in post-graduate programmes at UTS.


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