Forum 55: GFC- Can It Happen Again?

GFC- Can It Happen Again?




Saturday July 8, 2017 (12pm – 2pm) 


  • John Owen, Portfolio and Investment Specialist at NAB Asset Management
  • Harry Mantzouratos, Principal and Director at PGD Financial Services
  • Sinead Rafferty, CFA Investment Specialist, NAB Asset Management

John Owen has been a member of MLC’S investment team since 1994 and his responsibilities have included Australian shares and listed property manager research for MLC’s multi asset and sector fund portfolios. In his current role, John is responsible for communicating MLC’s asset allocation, portfolio strategies and macro-economic insights to financial advisers, investors and the media. His career began in 1979 and for much of that time he has analysed companies and managers. Prior to joining MLC, John was Portfolio Manager and head of Westpac’s Australian shares research team.

Harry Mantzouratos is a Chartered accountant – Financial Planning specialist, SMSF specialist and CFP at PGD, a boutique financial planning firm located in the Sydney CBD.  He has been managing people’s wealth for over 15 years.  With clients including trustees of SMSFs, small business owners, executives and professionals, his expertise includes investments (shares, funds, property, fixed income), cash flow and tax planning, structures, estate planning, risk management and superannuation. 

Sinead Rafferty is Chartered Financial Analyst with extensive experience in investment solutions across various asset classes (e.g. international shares, listed property securities, Australian small and large cap, listed fixed income and alternative assets).    

Sinead will facilitate a panel discussion between John and Harry, who will provide insights as to:

– how their portfolios and clients faired during and after the GFC;

– what their views are on the GFC, could it happen again; and

– how they are preparing their portfolios and clients for such an event.

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