Forum 59: War and Remembrance


War and Remembrance

 What can we learn from the past?


Saturday Nov 11, 2017 (12pm – 2pm) 


Dr Hannah Middleton

  • Guest Lecturer at the Centre for Peace & Conflict Studies, University of Sydney.
  • Campaigner for nuclear disarmament and activist against militarisation.
  • Former Executive Officer of the Sydney Peace Foundation.

Harvey Broadbent AM

  • Senior Research Fellow and former Associate Professor in Near Eastern Studies, Macquarie University
  • Author of numerous books on Gallipoli and the First World War

Douglas Newton

  • Douglas Newton was the Associate Professor of History at University of Western Sydney.
  • He also taught history at Macquarie University and the Victoria University of Wellington.
  • He is the author of: The Darkest Days; Hell-Bent;British Policy and the Weimar Republic 1918–19Germany 1918-1945: From Days of Hope to Years of Horror; and British Labour, European Socialism and the Struggle for Peace 1889–1914
  •  He is currently preparing a history of the campaign to end the First World War by negotiation.


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