Forum 07: Afghan Intervention

The Politics of Foreign Intervention

July 7, 2012

Forum Speakers: Hon. Assoc. Prof. Ian Bickerton (PhD), Abdul Karim Hekmat & Bernard Philip

Bernard Philip

  • Director, Afghanistan Domestic Section, Dept of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Canberra
  • Senior Civilian Coordinator, Provincial Reconstruction Team, Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan (2010-11)

Abdul Karim Hekmat

  • Former Afghan refugee & advocate for the Hazara people of Afghanistan
  • Photographer, ‘Unsafe Haven’ exhibition currently touring Australia
  • Articles published in the Age, The Australian & The National Times

Hon Assoc Prof. Ian Bickerton PhD. (View presentation map)

  • Lecturer on US Foreign Policy & Middle East Affairs, University of New South Wales
  • Author of ‘The Illusion of Victory: The True Cost of Modern War’
  • Co-author of ‘Unintended Consequences: The United States at War’

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