Forum 08: Democracy

Can We Be Optimistic?

August 4, 2012

Forum Speakers: Professor John Keane (PhD), Peter Timmins & Matthew Thompson

Professor John Keane PhD.

  • Professor of Politics at The University of Sydney
  • Consultant to the United Nations
  • A recent member of the American-based Institutions of Democracy Commission
  • Prolific author of titles such as ‘The Life and Death of Democracy’ & ‘The Media & Democracy’

Matthew Thompson

  • The Conversation‘s NSW editor and co-editor of the Energy+Environment section
  • Author of bestseller, ‘My Colombian Death’
  • Doctorate in literary journalism, & former journalist with the Sydney Morning Herald

Peter Timmins

  • Australian lawyer who works on Freedom Of Information (FOI) and privacy protection issues
  • Arts and Laws (Honours) degrees from the University of Sydney
  • Has been involved in the Freedom of Information field for 25 years

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